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Shallots in Red Wine 


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Shallots in Red Wine 

Written By: Arwen Griffith 


While my Thanksgiving menu is pretty predictable, the one thing that is really set in stone is 
Shallots in Red Wine. Based on a recipe in Roger Verge's Vegetables (possibly my favorite 
vegetable cookbook), this is a hit with absolutely everyone. The turkey may be the big- 
budget star the studio signs to get the movie funded, but the shallots are the character role 
that steals the picture. 

Step 1 — Shallots in Red Wine 

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• For 4 servings (note: make sure to 
make more than you think you 

• 14 oz. medium shallots, preferably 
the same size 

• 4-6T butter 

• 1 C chicken or veggie stock 

• Pinch of salt 

• 1 C red wine 

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Shallots in Red Wine 

Step 2 

• These are rough measurements; be 
sure to keep an eye on the shallots 
and adjust amounts to taste. Roger 
claims the dish takes 15 minutes to 
prep (true) and 20-30 minutes to 
cook, which is just ludicrous. For it 
to really be magical, the shallots 
need to cook slowly for closer to 2 
hours, so stick them on a back 
burner while you work on other 

• Peel the shallots and trim the ends. 

Step 3 

• Heat a bit more than half the butter 
in a heavy saucepan and cook the 
shallots until they're golden on both 
sides and starting to soften. 

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Shallots in Red Wine 

Step 4 

• Then add the stock and salt. Simmer until there is only a tablespoon or two of stock left 
(turning the shallots every once in a while), and then add the wine. 

• Simmer again until the shallots are about ready to melt, then remove them. 

Step 5 

• Add the rest of the butter, turn up 
the heat, and reduce the wine 
sauce until it's thick and heavenly. 

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Shallots in Red Wine 

Step 6 

• Pour the wine sauce over the 
shallots on your best serving 
platter and prepare to watch them 

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